The Application Verification Process

Application Verification

  1. Presence of children – since our focus is on families with multiple children, there must be children in the video, photos, or social networks. In the case of checking only through social networks, photos with children must be dated before 02/24/2022.
  2. Region – we provide assistance to families who were/are in occupied or frontline towns after 02/24/2022, as well as regions that are close to the front and are subjected to constant missile attacks.
  3. Social media history is checked to avoid helping people who might hold pro-russian views.
  4. The application form features answering questions, and we update questions occasionally, which allows us to identify that the person is recording the video specifically for
  5. The video must show a person’s face. Applications from occupied territories may be an exception, as there is a direct threat to their lives.
  6. Correct filling of all fields in the application: town of residence before the war, current town of residence, registration details, date of birth, bank details.
  7. Checking for duplicate applications (mail, IP, card number, account number)
  8. An application is approved if the person meets the above criteria and answers the 10 questions on the form For people who are in the occupation the pass threshold is 5 questions, as telling directly about the war actions can be life-threatening.
Of the 2,737 applications, 677 have been approved. The approval rate is 24.7%

Our team member Roman from Balakliya, Kharkiv region, Ukraine (the city has been under occupation since the first days of March), who himself was under heavy shelling (artillery, rocket and air bombs) in the occupation with his family and child for about a month and miraculously managed to leave in late March for the central part of Ukraine, is in charge of vetting the applications. You can read his story here.

How It Works