This past summer our team had a far-fetched idea of getting a Russian tank…then cutting it into pieces and selling those pieces to raise money for Ukrainian families. There is something very symbolic about taking a brutal instrument of war, a hunk of metal that came to kill Ukrainian families, and recycling it as a way to support those families. After almost 4 months of dead-ends, 100+ phone calls, countless hours of work,  and an endless stream of failures, we realized it was essentially impossible to accomplish our goal. But the team in Ukraine, led by Diana Podolianchuk, just absolutely refused to give up…In late October we received the long awaited message…


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This particular tank, a T80BVM, the newest in the T80 series and the pride of Russian military, was paraded in Moscow, then attacked Ukraine from Belgorod on the Eastern front early in the full-scale war. It was stopped around Kharkiv with a Javelin by the heroic Ukrainian brigade Kraken.

You can check out our tank on the Oryx project. T-80BVM, (15, destroyed) 

Join us in destroying this tank!

Let’s convert evil into good – it will help Ukrainians fighting for freedom and support over 500 families!

pieces left

Tank gun cut into pieces

Project Ambassadors

Valerii Zaluzhnyi

Valerii Zaluzhnyi, the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has been tremendously supportive of our mission, helping with the transportation of the tank and promoting our project in Ukraine. We are deeply grateful to have Valerii as a project ambassador and for all of his support. He’s leading the Ukrainian Armed Forces in defending Ukraine, but is also helping countless families survive the war.

Kyrylo Budanov

Kyrylo Budanov, Chief of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, has helped with both obtaining the tank and providing official approval for the project. Under his leadership, the agency has been instrumental in helping save Ukrainian lives. He has become a source of inspiration for Ukrainians around the world. We are honored to have Kyrylo as an ambassador for the project. 

Kyrylo Budanov

All it takes for evil to succeed is for the good people to do nothing.