How is our organization funded?

Unfortunately many non-profits obscure how they operate, with little visibility into their expenses or how much and where the donated funds and up going. Since inception of our organization, we have been committed to be fully transparent about our entire operation and are grateful for the many volunteers who make it possible to operate at such low costs.

Digital Expenses – $6,500 / year

This includes expenses like our hosting, project management, time tracking, and other software we use.

Payroll Expenses – ~$22,000 / year

Most of our team members are volunteers, which allows us to operate lean. Our team members in Ukraine are paid $3 to $4 per hour which is a median wage in Ukraine. 

Payment Processing Fees 

Our organization does not charge any fees, we transfer all of the donated funds we receive (adjusted for payment processing fees) directly to the families. 

Depending on how you send your donation to us, we are charged a payment processing fee. If you’re donating using a credit card, we use Stripe to accept those donations and their payment processing fee for non-profits is ~2.2%. If you are using Zelle, it’s 0%.

We then wire transfer the funds from our bank account in the US to our bank account in Ukraine – the wire transfer fees are waived. From our bank account in Ukraine, we distribute the donations directly to the debit cards of the families (this is the most common way to transfer money in Ukraine) and it’s also free. The funds are converted from USD to UAH at the current bank rate. 

Adjusting for payment processing fees, the families receive between $97.8 and $100 (depending on how you send the funds to us) for every $100 donated. 

If you would like, you can choose to cover the payment processing fees when filling out the donation form.  

Efficiency Ratio

Given our lean operation and bare minimum operating expenses with our capacity to process over $1,000,000 in donations per year in $100 increments, our donation impact efficiency ratio is > 97%, making our organization one of the most effective ways to maximize your direct impact.